Thursday, 23 July 2009

the final day of K9 Kompany

Tonight Penny and I went to the get-together to celebrate all the good times we have had at K9 Kompany in Lilydale. I won't put a link to it this time, as I've done so often...because it no longer exists!

K9 Kompany, the wonderful place where we learned so much, and laughed and relaxed together, has been closed because the parent organisation, Coldstream Animal Aid, can't afford to maintain it. They spent so much time and money on helping animals in the February bushfires that they can no longer afford to subsidise the K9 Kompany.

I feel sad at the closing of this uniquely special training venue, where we have done canine freestyle, agility, flyball practice, tricks and even some basic film work. It was simply fantastic.

But life goes on. One great thing is that Cindy, our teacher, is setting up her own business. At the moment she's concentrating on dog training, pet minding and dog walking, but I've got my fingers crossed that she might set up her own agility and tricks training classes in the future. She intends to set up her own site, so I'd suggest local dog owners might want to check it out regularly to see whether she has it up and running.

We are going to join her social walks group in the meantime.

Penny was quite surprised, when we arrived at Lilydale tonight, to see all the rules had been relaxed and she could roam around the area freely. However, she stayed close to me most of the time, so it was easy to keep an eye on her.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, how sad!!! It's awful when good training places have to close - you'd think those are the kind of places the council ought to invest in to make sure more dogs are good social citizens!!!


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, I'm trying to be upbeat about it, but I think it will sink in next week when, for the first time in three years, we can't go to Lilydale to have fun.