Thursday, 2 July 2009

training for cane work in canine freestyle

Sue, at Melbourne Canine Freestyle, has been teaching Penny and me the early stages of working with canes in canine freestyle.
We started with Penny going 'around' a pole.

We moved to making a figure of eight around the pole and around me.

Next Penny wove around me and around the two poles. I confused her a few times with my poor hand signals, but she's used to the fact that in canine freestyle she's smarter than I am, so she coped.

After a while I tried putting my hands on the tops of the poles, because if I were to work with canes I'd be holding them.

Here's a clip of Richard Curtis using an umbrella instead of a cane in a routine.


Anonymous said...

I find this aspect of working with dogs just so fascinating. Thanks for the training updates.

parlance said...

Sometimes I think I'm being cheeky to put my training clips on the internet, but on the other hand, lots of really experienced trainers put up clips, so people can look at them and study their methods.

My clips are meant just for entertainment and show that we ordinary people can do these fun things too, lol.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - I love finding other doggies that do freestyle too! My human, Hsin-Yi, is really friendly with Sue at Melbourne Canine Freestyle so it's nice to meet a mutual friend, she says! :-) It's amazing the people we meet through blogging!

And we think your videos are great - do keep posting them! We think it's really important for everyone to show how they train and enjoy doing stuff, so people can see that "ordinary" people can do it too - and not just top dog trainers at dog shows! Besides, it's always nice to see the bond between handler and dogs and to see dogs enjoying using their brains during training!

Wow - Penny - you move so fast! I wish I could move fast like you - my human says I act like I'm sleepwalking in most of my routines! Hee! Hee!

Honey the Great Dane

parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, it's a small blogging world, isn't it? It's lovely to meet you and Honey.

Johann The Dog said...

Great work, terrific energy!!! You are on your way to a nice routine :)

parlance said...

Johann, I hadn't noticed how energetically she was doing it. I think she's much faster at home!