Thursday, 17 December 2009

new swimming hole for dogs in Darebin Parklands

The newly mulched surroundings of the old dog swimming hole in Darebin Parklands are looking good.

Although we are not sure where dogs can swim, we tried out what we think will be the new access point to Darebin Creek. It's quite nice, with stepped rocks so the humans can look out for snakes and the dogs can get down to the creek safely.

The water is not very deep, though. Even a small dog like Penny is wading rather than swimming, and I worry about the rocky bed of the creek causing her to sprain a joint (as happened once when she was playing in the Yarra River up at Warburton).


BookingAlong said...

THat dog looks very happy. Sorry if I seem a stranger. Came to this blog roundabout from Jean Riva's blog. Saw her Christmas letter and your reply.

parlance said...

Thanks, BookingAlong, for visiting. Yes, she is generally happy and also makes us happy - a great side-effect of living with a dog.