Thursday, 7 January 2010

doggie logic

Penny thinks one of our family members is at the supermarket. Rather sensible, as we often meet that family member at the supermarket when she is coming home from work; the supermarket is near the train station and she picks up a few items for the family as she passes.

But she's been in the supermarket for nearly three weeks now.

I wonder what Penny thinks she's doing in there all this time.

(Actually she's in the US.)

I need to go to the post office often, as I work from home and send frequent mail, and Penny generally goes with me. The post office is next to the supermarket and it's getting a bit tedious having to convince Penny not to go in through the automatic doors to check out the missing persons desk in there.

It'll be good when the pack is back together, in a couple of weeks.


happy said...

Hope she comes back soon. I'd certainly like to know what Penny's thinking. Why is she in the supermarket for such a long time? Is she planning to buy up the whole store? LOL

Dogs are amazing in things like this, isn't it? And their inbuilt clock is accurate to the dot. I've been told by family members how Happy would park herself at the window at 6pm on the dot every evening knowing that I'll usually be home around that time.

parlance said...

Happy, I wonder whether she thinks about it at random times when there's no specific reminder that someone is gone? I guess it's a long shot to think we can work out what a dog is thinking, when we can't work out most fellow humans.