Friday, 22 January 2010

Penny's human has returned from four weeks in the supermarket

As I mentioned recently, Penny seemed to think her second human was in the supermarket. While her human was actually in New York, Penny would try to go in through the supermarket automatic doors each time we passed. (You can read about the second human's New York adventures here.)

Eventually it was the day of the traveller's return. I fetched her from the airport and after telling her to sit in the car in the driveway, I raced inside to tell Penny her human was home. Excitedly we rushed out, Penny's tail wagging happily. She took one look, sniffed to make sure it was the right person, then ambled inside to lie on her mat.

What a let-down for the excited humans!

But I guess Penny's relaxed attitude since then shows she's happy the pack is together.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! HA! Honey does the similar thing when we come home - even after a trip away - really brings you back down to earth, doesn't it?! :-) Reminds me of this great thing I read from one of the big Hollywood A-listers (I think it was Tom Hanks) who said that he went home with an Oscar and was so full of himself - and then his dog was sick on the carpet in front of him and he had to get down on his knees, in his dinner jacket, to clean dog vomit - nothing like dogs to stop us getting a big head! :-)


parlance said...

Oh, Hsin-Yi I love that. And I have a greater respect for Tom Hanks, if it was him, for telling that anecdote.

Dogs certainly let us know about the real things in life, don't they, if we listen.