Monday, 28 June 2010

am I becoming a cynic now that I live with a dog?

I've never thought of myself as cynical, but since I've been reading Stanley Coren's book, How Dogs Think, I might have to reassess myself, because I've found that the origin of the word might mean someone who lives in a straightforward way, as a dog does.

Since Penny joined our household, I've spent more time

stopping to smell the roses, when walking with her on-lead (waiting for her to finish sniffing around the base of every tree or pole);

plenty of time picking up (and, yes - examining - poo);

heaps of time sitting by the waterside while she swims;
a regular night-time session out in the backyard looking out at the universe while she has a wee,

and...oh, I could go on forever thinking about how she has changed my daily life.

So perhaps I've become more cynical - in the original sense of the word.


Slavenka said...

I have "The Intelligence of Dogs" by the same author.:)

parlance said...

Slavenka, I'll have a look for that book. Thanks.