Saturday, 5 June 2010

dogs as receptacles for excess consumables

I see Sheila over at Cartoons by Sheila is beavering away at her resolution to post 365 cartoons this year - each one about a pet hate and featuring animals (well, pets, of course). She's up to number 156 today.

Here's a dog-related one:

Penny's not actually a beggar. She's more of a fixed-starer. Or, as in the truly terrifying 'Blink' episode of Dr Who, a Weeping Angel. Take your eyes off her for an instant, as you butter your toast, and she's there, staring, staring, closer each time you glance up.

Note: Sheila's cartoons are copyright, but I have permission to use them.


Sue said...

Some of mine are outright, unabashed beggers, some are starers and some are droolers. Then there's Tsar who s much too dignified to beg. He lies down and turns his back, but he's listening for the sound of anyone else getting a morsel.

Will Penny join us for Bandana Day. We hope so. Just send us a picture of her wearing anything red and we'll add her to the blog.

Slavenka said...

My Obi begs for food, but Niki is not interested.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ha! Ha! Honey's not a beggar either - she's more of a 'continual drooler' - until you give in or get washed away by the tide of slobber!! :-) This is why we have a rule where she has to stay out of the area around the dining table (as well as the kitchen) which she respects v well. It's a matter of hygiene as well as anything else! :-) People who think we're being overly strict and cruel should try living with a giant slobbery dog that leaves drool on every surface and puddles of drool on every floor (which yes, you can slip in) and then comment! :-)

About your questions on the raw diet - yes, I was planning to do a post soon answering all the questions I got but your question about the lamb off-cuts is so interesting, I think I'll tackle that in a completely separate post as I'll probably need to take photos of the different types of bones so I can show people clearly what I mean. But thanks for bringing that up!

Yes, we have heard of Ziwi Peak - back in NZ, it is available in a sort of dry jerky form as well as a tinned form. We never fed Honey that as it only came in small bags and was VERY expensive even then - just not economical for a big dog! - although it made very good training treats coz it remains dry in your pockets. We did feed it to our cat who liked it. It IS very good quality although it is only PURE meat and so I don't feel it gives a balanced diet. But I suppose it might be good in conjunction with other things. For many people, it is the step between feeding kibble and going totally raw, if they can't make the jump straight away.
Oh! By the way, that "Meals for Pets" thing I was talking about IS the Dr Bruce's food - at least, it's one of the range - it's been renamed for sale through a chain of pet stores in Queensland. He has several products, I think, some of which are "mixers" to use with raw meats but ours is a complete mixture in itself - ground up meat, with veg, sprouted cereal grains, etc. You could just feed it as a complete food but it as it's soft, you would need to give it in conjunction with raw bones for teeth & calcium & other minerals.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - forgot to say - of course I don't mind you asking about our car. As we've been asked that question by a couple of other readers now, I hope you don't mind if I just do a post to answer it sometime and show everybody our car properly -


Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of the weeping angels but the analogy is spot-on!

parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, thanks for the detailed reply. I'm a raw feeder mostly, but do spend a bit of time gritting my teeth when Penny is working on some of her food, as I find it nerve-wracking when she's working on some pieces, for instance a leg of chicken, since she has a tendency to get the last bit down in one gulp.

I'm really looking forward to some photos and explanation about how you choose meaty bones. Your 'ask Honey' idea is wonderful. Thanks for doing it.

parlance said...

Sue, those doggy ears sure are good at hearing food coming out.

Sent off a picture of Penny in red just now.

parlance said...

Slavenka, it's strange how some dogs are so-o motivated by food, but others can take it or leave it

parlance said...

Jake, those weeping angels shouldn't be shown on tv when you dogs are around to learn creepy techniques.