Thursday, 5 August 2010

doing nothing day after day

Penny's been surprisingly calm about her quiet, boring days while we wait for her leg to be x-rayed and manipulated. Tomorrow, thank goodness! Most of the day she just lies around, not even sitting at the door to look out for visitors. I don't know if this is because it's painful to get up, or whether she's just resigned herself to boredom.

As well as playing with Nina Ottosson toys for interest, we thought it might be good for her to practise some stationary tricks. One that we've never conquered is "hold", so we've been working on that one. As long as there's food treats available, Penny will work at it, so we did about four ten-minute sessions today and basically conquered it. Here's an excerpt of the sessions.
(Until I looked at this clip, I didn't realise how much she was moving around. I hope I haven't done her any harm by not making her rest completely. It seems impossible to lie around every minute, but I do realise that if she has an operation she may have to do exactly that for a couple of weeks.)

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