Monday, 16 August 2010

a ramp to help a limping dog

We've been lifting Penny up and down the thirteen - thirteen! - steps out the back and the one big step out the front, and we're sure getting tired of it, so I thought we'd better set up a ramp. Living in a household where nothing is ever thrown out has its advantages; just a glance around the garden and there they were, three big planks of wood.

Set up a couple of warning posts, so humans don't go for a sixer on the front patio, and we're set...

Now to train her to use it... clicker, treats, yep, we're ready to go. But what is this? She doesn't need any training - looks like all those 'dog walks' at agility with Cindy have paid off.


Honey the Great Dane said...

Yay, Penny!

Glad you came to a decision and I think you're right to keep with the conservative management for as long as possible - surgery is always a big thing.

Good luck with the recovery!

parlance said...

Honey, thanks for the encouragement. We're still worrying, of course! That's what humans are for.