Friday, 29 October 2010

a dog meets farm animals at Myuna

Penny is once more allowed to go in and out the door, but we've still got the doggy door closed, so she doesn't get stuck in it again! The vet told us weeks agot that she would have to do something quite extreme to ruin the surgery on her knee, but we still like to be extra careful.

We went for her twice-weekly walk on the underwater treadmill this morning and Penny is now doing two sessions of seven minutes.

The great news is that we are also going for seventeen minute slow walks! (Who would have thought, ten months ago, that such a small trip would be exciting?)

We mooched around the lovely farm where the treadmill is situated and Penny met deer and llamas (I didn't go too close to the llamas, as they looked a bit concerned about a dog approaching). However, we walked right past the deer, who were coming close in the hope of getting some bread (didn't have any on me, but I'll take some next time).

After all that exertion, Penny took a rest on our back patio, keeping an eye on the clivia and asparagus seedlings for me.

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