Saturday, 30 October 2010

home therapy after cruciate operation

One of the problems with a recovery after surgery is boredom, and maybe even depression - and that's just the human, lol!

Anyway, back to the needs of the patient... having to do therapy three times a day helps pass the time. Here we are trying to follow the instructions we were given for the next few weeks. We don't go back for a review until another three weeks, so I sure hope we're doing the exercises correctly. But at least we're having fun.

Though I must admit Penny didn't seem too happy about the last exercise on this clip, to judge by the height of her tail.


Dotty said...

How many weeks post op was it before you were doing the exerises in the video? I have an 8 yr. old Lab who had one surgery a month ago and a second surgery- other leg- this week. She had extracapsular surgery on both knees.

Thank you. Dotty

curator said...

Oh goodness, poor Penny - but she looks very well indeed after all that!

parlance said...

Hi, Dotty. Penny had her operation on 8th September.

We did nothing except go out to toilet for three weeks (and if you scroll back through my blog you'll see how traumatic we found that, lol - but we did cope), then we saw the physio on 28th September and she gave us exercises. They were:
1. weight shifting - just gently push on the good hip to ever-so-slightly move the weight onto the operated leg. It's such a subtle movement you'd hardly think it was doing anything. Thirty seconds three times a day.

2. Three-legged standing - lift the opposite FRONT limb for one second, supporting her under her belly. Ten reps three times a day.

3. Stand her up on a small step, as I did in the first exercise, twenty seconds, three times a day.

4. Massage the affected muscle three-four minutes, three times a day. (I don't think you should do this unless your vet or physio has shown you how to do it.)

5. SLOW controlled walks only for toileting.

Then, on 19th October, we went back and were moved onto the exercises I've shown here.

It's amazing how slowly it all has to proceed, but we can definitely see that her muscle is building.

it must be so difficult for you with your lab having both legs operated!!

Have you been to Orthodogs, the Yahoo group? They are incredibly helpful.
They are at

parlance said...

Curator, it's wonderful to see that her usual happy spirit is returning.

Dotty said...

Thank you, Parlance. I appreciate the information. I had to start stretching and flexing Hannah's leg the day I got her home. It has been harder with this leg than the first' but she is doing quite well.She is confined to her "jail cell" right now and is out only with a sling for potty breaks. Luckily, she took right to that - unlike Penny. :o). I will continue to read your blog to check in on Penny's progress and will probably have more questions for you.

Thank you,
Dotty and Hannah

parlance said...

Dotty, it's great to talk to someone who is also going through this difficult time.
Poor Hannah! Is she in good spirits? The vet nurse told me that is a very important issue.