Monday, 1 November 2010

Dr. James St. Clair's home therapy booklet is still free

Recently Dotty asked me how I had obtained the enormously helpful home therapy booklet produced by Dr James St. Clair and I wasn't sure how I got it, so I emailed him and he's replied with the links for the whole set of booklets.

I think this is one of the most amazing things available on the Net, actually, as it's packed with information that even the best vets and surgeons don't seem to give out - detailed timetables and instructions on how to look after your dog immediately after surgery for cruciate injuries, and how to continue the therapy in the following months.

Here's the list of sites for the different surgeries:
tplo surgery

tplo guide

tta guide

cruciate surgery

fho guide


Dotty said...

Thank you, Parlance. I was finally able to download the booklet and it does, indeed, look very helpful. Hannah is doing very well - she is 8 days beyond her second surgery (first was 5 weeks ago) and I dare say she is feeling better than she has in close to 3 months. She is using her leg- with a sling- for potty breaks. We are doing ROM exercises which she has decided is playtime.


parlance said...

Oh, dotty, that's great! I love the thought that Hannah is still able to enjoy some things about life.