Wednesday, 17 November 2010

steady progress by Penny

Penny today passes the ten-week mark since the extracapsular surgery on her cruciate ligament! Now she is allowed to walk daily for thirty minutes!

However, we still need to go at a slow pace. The physiotherapist says she can move to a trot next week, as long as she is putting her weight on all four legs and doesn't show any lameness.

Another big step (here comes a pun!) is that she is now allowed to go up and down a couple of steps. We'll leave our handy ramp in place, but I've cut back the foliage from the two steps that had become overgrown in the last four months and this evening we used the steps.

Our physio has suggested that we never again throw balls for Penny to chase, never let her jump into the car and never let her jump onto furniture. A few months ago I would have been very sad to think of these limitations, but over the last weeks I've seen that Penny can be happy without all the activities we used to do, so I think we can live with these restrictions.


Hound Girl said...

I think all the restrictions at first are a little scary and you do wonder if your dog can be happy and will be happy but with time you tend to realize they are just fine and just as happy :) Keep up the great job!

curator said...

I'm so glad Penny continues to do so very well! That's a tribute to the love and devotion of her owner, too.