Sunday, 7 November 2010

true love on a blind date

My brother gave me the address of today's Non Sequitur and I loved it!

The link I've used comes out really small. I'm not sure why. I had to enlarge the screen to see it clearly. Here's another link that is normal-sized, but I suspect it might only be available today.

I've realised that if you click on the second link above, you just have to click on the calendar there for 7th November 2010 and you get that particular joke.


curator said...

Hi Parlance, I just saw the cartoon, and that pretty much hit the nail on the head!

parlance said...

Curator, you had the advantage of reading it on a dog blog, too, so you might have anticipated some canine connection.

I read it cold and expected it to be about actual blind dates, so the final scene caught me unawares.

I thought it was lovely.

Hound Girl said...

hahaha I love it!!

parlance said...

Hound Girl, I love his cartoons. We have a kitchen calendar by him and I love coming out in the morning to see what he's offering each day.