Friday, 26 November 2010

weaving as therapy for Penny after her cruciate operation

Who'd have thought, six months ago, that we'd be thrilled with a thirty-five minute slow walk to the park, with Penny on lead? It just goes to show it's all relative. After ten weeks' rehabilitation from her traditional extracapsular cruciate operation, walking has become the highlight of our day.

I thought we'd add something extra yesterday, so we did some weaving between the poles along the edge of the park, with the idea that as she changed direction she'd be shifting her weight from side to side.

We might have done more, except that the heavens opened and we got half-drowned in the deluge. (Still welcome, though. We know southern Australia is still in drought, even if it's raining at the moment.)


Sue said...

I hope the therapy jacket is available to you. It sounds perfect for your situation. Do you ice Penny's leg? I used to ice Bentley's hips and back legs every night and it gave him a lot of relief.

The Christmas cactus is Schlumbergera and grows in Brazil. Mine flower for about six months so I guess it could be a Thanksgiving or Easter cactus, whatever you want to call it.

parlance said...

Sue, thanks for the info. Your post on the therapy jacket came just at the right time for Penny and me.

Thanks also for the info about the plant. Now I can look it up in my plant book. I love mine.

Honey the Great Dane said...

What a great idea! I sometimes do that with Honey too (for fun) when we find poles like that - partly because they're better than traditional weave poles which tend to be a bit too narrowly-spaced for Honey to manoeuvre comfortably!! :-)


parlance said...

Honey, it's great to use the local environment for fun, isn't it.