Sunday, 16 January 2011

Penny meets some old friends in the Australian bush

On Saturday Penny finally returned to Cindy's walk-and-talk group after nearly six months' absence. It's now eighteen weeks since surgery, and we're gradually picking up normal life once more.

The day started with a quick dip in the little pool Cindy had provided.

First you wait in line for your turn.

Then Cindy gives you some personal attention.

And then you return the favor by shaking some nice cooling water onto Cindy.

And then it's off through the Aussie bush for a stroll.

(Apologies for the terrible video. It was hard to keep up with Penny, who was ecstatic to be back with the group.)


curator said...

It's so very good to see Penny doing well and being active. Continued wishes for her healing!

parlance said...

Thanks, Curator. Activities that were previously 'ordinary' are now so exciting!