Saturday, 15 December 2007

feed your dogs human-grade meat, says a warning

I feed Penny human-grade meat for a lot of reasons. One is that since I prepare her meals in our kitchen I don't like the possibility of unhealthy food near my own. However, the main reason is that I don't really trust meat sold as 'petfood'.

I thought I would pass on a warning I read today on Itchmo about the dangers of preservatives in pet-quality meats.


Jabari said...

Yes, my Mum has always fed her dogs human grade meat from her butcher. Before she got onto the raw-feed idea, she used to cook up a huge pot of meat, vegies, rice and pasta for her other dogs, then whenever she had nothing on hand for her dinner she would eat what the dogs were having!!

parlance said...

Jabari, do you get any cooked meat these days or is it all raw? I know your mum has told me, but I forget.

I think I remember that you eat only raw.

Jabari said...

I mostly eat raw these days, but sometimes I eat cooked meat and veg. when I am having what my Mum is havig. I really like cooked stuff!! I also have some dry food(Evo) and sometimes cans of Evo. But that is usually when we are away on holiday or my Mum has forgotten to go to the butcher. (there are emergency supplies in the cupboard)