Monday, 17 December 2007

ice-cream for dogs

Penny and I went on a walk in the streets today and it turned out to be longer and warmer than I predicted. I felt bad that she was panting by the time we arrived at our destination.
If only we had been in Japan she could have had a nice doggy icecream. I read about these on a German blog about new gadgets, so I apologise if my schoolgirl German got the story wrong, but it seems that in Japan they sell icecream in nice little bone-shapes.Unfortunately I can't even guess what it says on the Japanese site, but all the pictured dogs look rather happy. I Googled™ the brand of icecream and came across a mention of it (in English, thank goodness) at the blog ofPercy the Parson Terrier, where it says there is a US brand of icecream for dogs called Frosty Paws. I found an amusing review of this tasty treat at Flak Magazine. I'm not sure if I'm gullible in believing that the writer's friend (human) tried the product and ran to the bathroom to throw up. Seems a main ingredient is 'animal fat'.

By the way, Percy the Parson Terrier is going to taste-test tripe. I'll be interested in the report. (Percy hasn't blogged since 17 October, so I hope he is still on the job.)

PS Couldn't resist putting in the Trademark sign for Google™, since I've heard they are actually trying to restrict the evolution of the English language by trying to stop an online dictionary using the word 'google' as a verb with a lower-case letter and no trade-mark. Interesting!


Johann The Dog said...

Try the homemade kind, they are pawsome!

Woofs, Johann

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there!

We heard of Frosty Paws but my country don't sell any. What my mommy does is he makes homemade frosty paws. You can see my earlier posts of me eating heart shaped ones. She makes them out of condensed milk mix with some oats & in the middle, there's peanut butter filling.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

parlance said...

Johann and Amber-Mae, it looks like everyone is agreed that a frosty paw should definitely have peanut butter in it! Seeing Penny loves peanut butter, maybe I should try your recipes next hot day.

Johann The Dog said...

Hi Parlance. Wanted you to now that the 3D software offer is only good til Christmas and they say they won't be sending it to Mum for eval until after Christmas. So if you want the free offer, you better get your paws over there. Just a heads up!

Woofs, Johann

parlance said...

Thanks for the info about the 3D software, Johann. I'd better get onto it.