Monday, 26 January 2009

chicken jerky from China a world-wide danger

Have readers in other countries been warned about chicken jerky from China? I thought it was just an Australian problem but now I've seen a warning on Dog Blog for pet owners in the US, so I thought I would pass it on immediately. Dog Blog reports that the FDA issued a warning IN SEPTEMBER 2007 but does not have the authority to demand a recall.

I'm not going to feed Penny any sort of chicken jerky at all - unless I make it myself!

PS I've just found a chicken jerky recipe with clearer instructions.


cici said...

A newer warning was issued by the FDA regarding the dangers of chicken jerky made in China. You can view this warning by going to the website of Kona's Chips, which is a site that sells 100% USDA human grade chicken jerky, made in the USA. The FDA warning is on the home page center/left. There is also a lot of useful information on this site.

parlance said...

Cici, I hardly ever say yes to comments that come from a commercial site, but your product and the story behind how you came to produce it are so interesting that I thought others might like to read about it.