Sunday, 11 January 2009

more information on the KraMar recall of chicken treats

Today I received an email from the Darebin Dogs group about the recall of the KraMar treats suspected of poisoning small dogs. (Darebin Dogs is an email group for people who walk with their dogs in Darebin Parklands. If you are a local dog owner you can contact them at

It contained a link that advises people who've fed these treats- at any time in the past fifteen months - to get the dog's urine tested, because the dog could have kidney damage without showing any symptoms. Scary stuff!

Being a champion worrier I was planning to go to the vet tomorrow, but then I looked at the image on the KraMar site and realised, to my great relief, that I had been using KraMar Chicken Breast Bites and the product recall is for Chicken Breast Strips. Whew!

The Australian Veterinary Association is advising owners not to panic. But it's hard not to, when our beloved companions are endangered in ways that we can't foresee or prevent. I just don't trust the big dog-food companies any more. I'm glad that most of Penny's food is raw human-grade meat from a reliable butcher.


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Man, that is scary to hear! I hate these pet food recalls.

Levi's mom

parlance said...

Yeah, they are scary. I went along to our supermarket today to make sure they're not still selling them, as I read some even scarier stuff about stores refusing to accept that there is a recall - but my store was okay.

Amber-Mae said...

What is going on in this world? How come when the 1st pet food recall started it just never stopped? And more kept on coming & coming. It's crazee & scary! Parlance, I think you better stop feeding Penny any KraMar treats just to be on the safe side.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Serendipity said...

Oh no, not another case! I've not seen this brand at my local pet store though. Thanks for highlighting this.

parlance said...

Amber-Mae, I won't be feeding any of that brand until they get the all-clear. I feel a bit sorry for them, though, because their products were rather good and I guess they just got caught by the lack of regulation in China.

parlance said...

Serendipity, I think it's a brand that is sold only in Australia. However, I've decided not to buy any food, for humans or pets, that sources any ingredients from China.