Monday, 19 January 2009

visiting other dog blogs

I just responded to a visit by Teddy in the US. When I was reading his blog I saw that he made a resolution on Blog Action Day to click on The Hunger Site each day, because sponsors give food to the hungry each time people click. There are some interesting items for sale on that site - though I haven't seen any dog-related ones yet.

And that reminded me of something I read in the Oxfam shop the other day. They are a wonderful charity, in my opinion, and I like the way they help people to help themselves rather than just giving handouts. In a leaflet they say one way we can help the environment is by feeding our dogs dried food because it contains all a dog needs.

I'm not willing to do that. They say dried food is preferable because canned food contains too much water but I think they aren't taking into account the fact that many of us feed dogs food that otherwise wouldn't be used. For instance, I recently bought a pack of turkey wings that were on sale in the supermarket because they were going out of date, and I'm also thinking of Noah and his canine family who eat fish heads.

I must admit that we haven't had much success with fish heads yet!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We click on the hunger site every single day. You can set it up so that you get an email reminder!
If apples were bad for us, Mitch would have been dead a long time ago! He pretty much gets apple every single day - not always the whole thing but at least a nice chunk that dad shares with him! We have an apple tree in our yard and we have to make sure Mitch doesn't eat 20 apples a day when the tree is bearing fruit in the late summer!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Noah the Airedale said...

Come on Penny....we know you want to try the fish heads. You're just a little worried because they're bigger than you hehehehe.


parlance said...

Maggie and Mitch I'll have a look at the reminder idea, though I should be able to remember, because it's right on the screen in my bookmarks bar - but I still miss some days!

parlance said...

Noah, those heads you eat are huge!! I tried the little sardine heads first to see whether it was worth trying out your idea of setting up an arrangement with a fish shop. (I think I remember that's what you did.)
I have to give it another go, that's for sure.

Tina & Teddy said...

Thank you Parlance for mentioning the raw feeding you have Penny on...I joined the Yahoo group you mentioned and have not seen this much information anywhere! I want to start Teddy on this diet but have been unsure about the amounts... etc....he would require...I did have to laugh though when it mentioned feeding him "any raw kangaroo meat" that I may have around....I could ship it in, but then he would be eating better than me!

parlance said...

Tina and Teddy, we mostly feed raw but I'm not as devoted as I used to be, so a bit of tinned food creeps in. But we're very, very careful to read the label. So far I have faith in New Zealand brand Ziwi, and they have interesting things like venison, fish, tripe, etc. Their food has no grains or plant matter in it, I think.