Wednesday, 19 August 2009

a dog practises flyball techniques

Penny did well at her first ever flyball event, last Saturday. She's keen to chase a tennis ball (too keen, in some situations!), she loves grabbing a tug toy and she flies over jumps with great enthusiasm. So I guess the main issue for us will be whether her human can learn to play her part, and also to make sure Penny plays this new sport safely.

At our first session we learned that it's most important to conquer the turning technique before participating, so she can turn efficiently without any strain on her joints.

Here we are practising at home. Of course, as soon as I left the venue I forgot nearly everything the teacher had told us, so maybe our technique isn't too good.

But I think we got the basics right.


Noah the Airedale said...

How wonderful, Penny gets to play flyball. It looks a fun sport for dogs. Sadly I have never had the opportunity. In saying that I'd be hopeless anyway lol.


parlance said...

Noah, I thought you might be too much of a gentleman to play a boisterous sport like this...and then I remembered some of the videos I've seen on your blog and changed my mind. I'm particularly thinking of that one you posted when the new fence was built and your playing area got so big.

happy said...

Penny seems to be doing it really well. Looking forward to seeing more.

parlance said...

Thanks, Happy. Penny's been to another session now, and we're almost ready to do an actual run!