Wednesday, 26 August 2009

a dog teaches her human to meditate

JD and Max commented recently that dogs teach us to be in the moment. I totally agree. But sometimes I get so tied up in my own thoughts that I forget to listen to Penny's wisdom.

So today we went for a walk in windy Darebin Parklands to look for an object from nature that could serve as a focus for a meditation session. Penny was on the lookout for all sorts of things, but I didn't feel all that much drawn to contemplating rabbit poo, dog poo, wet muddy puddles or strands of tasty grass.

We met the ranger, Peter, and he told us to stay in the open today, because the Parklands were taking the brunt of the brutal winds we've had over the last few days, and trees were dropping branches.

However, we were still surprised to come across a whole tree that had keeled over. Only the other day we had looked at its beautiful dead symmetry against the sky, but today it lay shattered into pieces on the grass.

During the walk we did find some bits of bark, a dead stick and a pine cone that were beautiful, so I brought them home.

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