Sunday, 29 April 2012

humans deserve nice food bowls too

Penny has a gorgeous bowl for her dinner, so why shouldn't I have one too? Yesterday my friend who imports Polish ware had an open day, and I decided the humans in our household deserved bowls as nice as Penny's one. You can see my friend's lovely tableware at her Pinterest board.

So, when Penny and I came home today from our exciting trip to the beach, she crashed on the couch to sleep the afternoon away (and, hopefully, to let her sore paw recover), but I was hungry. It was a temptation to just have a slice of toast, but I looked at my nice new Polish-ware bowl and I was inspired to cook a proper meal.

 Fry up some home-grown garlic - yumm! Add some chopped fresh tomatoes, some Arborio rice, water, celery, a shake of pepper, race out to the garden and grab some rainbow chard and cavolo nero leaves, and presto! you have a meal. Oh, and I mustn't forget the fresh beans my neighbor gave me the other day.

Isn't the bowl lovely? I bought a set of bowls, all in different patterns. I don't think they have to be identical, because the overall 'blue' style is consistent.


Hound Girl said...

omg they are so pretty, I checked out her pininterest - my mother loves bowls like this - my little brother moved to california and has picked up some really beautiful ones for her.

Mitch said...

The bowl is just gorgeous! I love it!

parlance said...

Hound Girl and Mitch, I just had to post about the bowl, because I love it!

Honey the Great Dane said...

All – what a gorgeous bowl! And that description of your meal had me positively drooling! :-)


parlance said...

The bowls certainly aren't cheap, but I think they're gorgeous and should last forever.