Friday, 20 April 2012

the saga of the paw continues

The results of the biopsy on Penny's sore paw came back and it turned out our vet had made a good diagnosis - she had a chronic infection, of unknown origin. Perhaps a trauma of some sort, perhaps from licking. The vet and I are both of the opinion it may have originally been some sort of trauma.

He took quite a big piece off her paw for the biopsy and thinks the surgery itself may help healing, because of the increased blood flow to the area.

All good...

On Tuesday she was doing well after the surgery, and went back to the vet to get the big, padded bandage off. He put a lighter bandage on it, and repeated the important instruction to keep the bandage dry. Human number two soon spotted the fact that Penny's limp was much worse.

How could this be?

Well, she went back to the vet today - and the bandage was putrid and damp! We have no idea how it got wet. It's quite a mystery.

Thank goodness human number two picked it up. Now Penny has no bandage, but has to suffer the cone of shame.

She wasn't too happy when she came home, but it's all worth it if the paw heals cleanly and quickly.

We've got one of the old-fashioned types of collars. I'd have liked to try the new one I saw on a recent post by The Portuguese Water Blog or the Kong EZ Clear Collar reviewed by Hound Girl.


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Poor Penny! Hope you get well soon!

Mitch said...

Bummer about the evil cone, Penny. I hope your paws heals quickly!

Love ya lots,

Slavenka said...

Oh, she looks so sad.

parlance said...

Thanks, Lassie, Slavenka and Mitch. She's managed to lick it a bit even with the cone on! So it's off for the moment, but we are watching her every moment.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh - sorry we're so late (SO behind with blog friends! Only just catchign up now!) - we're so sorry to hear about Penny's paw ouchie!! :-( Poor thing. I know how horrible it is to wear that cone collar. I really hope it heals up quickly!

Honey the Great Dane (& Hsin-Yi)

parlance said...

You know what? I think the collar may be worse for the humans to see than it is for the dog to wear! I hate putting it on her. (But I realise its value.)

proud womon said...

ohh, the 'paw' penny... i prefer to call it 'the elizabethan collar' look...