Monday, 30 April 2012

putting the Pawz shoe on - the easy way

We've conquered  how to put on the Pawz shoe! It is really easy if you do it this way:

Added note May 1st: I've realised you don't turn the shoe inside-out. It just goes on the container the same way as on the foot. 

 (I feel annoyed that other videos come up here alongside my clip about the Pawz shoe, especially the other brands of shoes that I DO NOT think are half as good as this one. I've tried those ones where you  have to wrestle with velcro and jam the dog's foot in, and I think they're terrible for dogs with sore joints or a sore paw. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows how to stop these other advertisements coming up, because my blog is only my own experiences and I've always been resolved to have no advertising. Sorry about this rant, but I saw red when I clicked on my little clip and got other brands.)


Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Love your video! Penny is such a good shoe model!!! That method looks so easy. Oh, regarding embedding a video, I know in the old blogger interface... if you are just embedding a video on your blog, you can "unclick" the check box next to "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" in YouTube and embed the HTML code into your blog.

So, at the bottom of your Youtube video, click "Share", then click "Embed" then uncheck the checkbox next to "show suggested videos..." Then copy the HTML code, and in your blog, switch it to the HTML editor, and paste your HTML script.

I don't know if you can view the html code in the new blogger interface that they are switching us too -- I am having difficulties seeing all the button choices. It says my browser has to get updated.

I can't wait to see if anyone else responds to your question about other peoples videos appearing -- I want to see if there is an easier way to do it, than the way that we embed our videos.

parlance said...

Thanks, Lassie and Benjie's human! I'll try that with my next video clip. It seems like a straight-forward way to do it.

sockmonkey said...

Short of growing a third hand I couldn't see how I was going to get these boots on. This worked brilliantly - thanks!