Sunday, 29 April 2012

Penny digs without the pawz shoe to protect her foot

Well, Penny had a fabulous time at the beach today! I decided not to take my camera - not sure why - and of course there were heaps of wonderful shots I could have taken.

 I thought we'd try the trip without the protection of the Pawz shoes I'd bought - once again, I'm not sure why I made such a silly decision. I think it was because I wanted to see how she would go. Well, Penny surprised me by deciding, after racing around with the other dogs in Cindy's walking group, to dig a hole to China. She hasn't dug at the beach in years, and who would have guessed she'd give her surgery scar such a workout?

I grabbed my old phone to get a few shots of her:


sitting in her hole (yep, I know her head is missing! It was so sunny I couldn't see the screen of the phone. But the picture gives a bit of an idea of how deep the hole was.)

lying in her hole

She was happy!

And when we got home, her scar didn't look too good! At first we thought the whole thing was opened up, but on calmer reflection we've decided to wait until tomorrow evening to see if it is scabbed over. She's not licking it or attending to it in any way, so I don't think it is worrying her. We've wiped it a couple of times with antiseptic.


Mitch said...

What a great time you had, Penny! I hope your booboo is okay.

Love ya lots,

parlance said...

Mitch, I'm sure Penny would say it was worth a bit of pain, lol.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Wow – Penny is a great digger! :-)

Sorry – we're behind and just catching up again. Just been reading your posts about Penny being able to walk again and trying out those little booty things. Do you know – I always thought they look like deflated balloons! :-) Anyway – hope that her foot is healing up nicely – it looks like she is happily using it anyway! :-)


parlance said...

Hsin-Yi, she's usually not a digger! I probably should have stopped her, but she was having such good fun. On the other hand, sometimes the human has to make the hard decisions for the dog. And I didn't.

It's healing up okay now, though.