Tuesday, 28 May 2013

disgusting bokashi compost tastes great...to a dog

Little Princess Goody Two-shoes Penny has blotted her copybook! She was caught in flagrante delicto this very afternoon, digging away with her supposedly sore front paws in the patch of soil where I had just buried some really stinky bokashi compost.

I think the nearest equivalent to this great Latin phrase 'in flagrante delicto' would be red-handed, but since she doesn't have hands, I'd say she was caught black-mouthed.

Penny is caught black-mouthed after snaffling compost
 I was so smug last time I posted about how I keep Penny from digging up delightful messy bokashi.

BetR2 commented that her Lucy would make short work of this barrier. I should have listened, lol. I guess Penny just pushed her way through my little fence, by the look of the skew-whiff way the bamboo sticks are standing now.

A not so dog-proof  fence around the bokashi

Digging for treasure in the bokashi

The next picture shows the new set-up. The problem is that our soil is clay and I don't want to break up the structure by digging a deep hole, so the bokashi is only a tantalising ten centimetres underground. What self-respecting dog could resist?

A challenge for Penny to think her way around the coiled up wire. Will she solve the puzzle?

Another attempt to keep the dog out of the bokashi

I hope not.


Anna said...

I think the 2nd attempt may not be strong enough to be dog proof. I'm little bit curious that does it really work?

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Great minds think alike. Not that Mommy burried hidden treasure like you... butt, she tried to set up a barrier to keep us out of an area. We totally figured out how to get past the obstacles.

Slavenka said...

Parlance thanks a lot for this post about bokashi compost. It will be very helpful to my husband. Good luck with these wires .same

parlance said...

Anna, so far so good. I'm going to shut the patio gate when I go out, so she can't get down to the garden, because I'm not so sure it will work. (There's almost always someone home here to take her out for a wee.)

parlance said...

Lassie and Benjie, the trouble is that you two and Penny are a bit too clever for us humans.

parlance said...

Slavenka, glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry Parlance.

Lucy says, "Go you good thing, Penny". Maybe they are in cahoots?

Did you know that liquid Bokashi actually removes the smell of Bokashi (not the stuff you tap off the bucket, but EM-1 made up as a liquid instead of inoculated bran.

I made a wicking garden with a layer of Bokashi in it, which was fine until it rained heavily. The liquid coming out of the overflows was a little on the unpleasant side. I just sprayed a little liquid Bokashi around and Viola! (how do you spell that?..hmmm).

PS It also gets rid of 'wet dog' aroma, smelly drains, etc.

I bought mine on-line from VRM Biologik in Australia. http://www.vrm.com.au/brochures/LiquidBokashi.pdf

Happy digging, Penny. Happy filling holes back in, Parlance (and hope the latest method halts the digging activities)

Kerri xx

parlance said...

Kerri, thanks for the interesting info. I do put Bokashi powder down our kitchen sink, but a liquid would be easier, and I could use it in the ways you suggest. I'll follow the link and read about it.