Friday, 12 December 2008

great pet health blogs

Dolittler (aka vet Dr. Patricia Khuly), who has a great blog, has compiled her own list of favorite pet health blogs. Definitely worth a visit!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the Dolittler site!
I've been envious of several things on Amber's site and at the Four Musketeers both in Malaysia. There is a cafe for people and their dogs!

I watched the video where Penny is playing with her big PVC pipe toy, she is a little cutie! and smart too.

It's good to find a groomer you like. She looks good.


curator said...

Great, I'll get right over there! Thank you for this post!

parlance said...

Rusty, sometimes I think Malaysia must be heaven for pet dogs!

And that Dolittler site is great. She says it as she sees it, so I trust what she writes.

parlance said...

Curator, as I said to Rusty's mum, it's a refreshingly frank site, with heaps of good info.