Tuesday, 9 December 2008

KraMar chicken treats recalled - made in China

On the ABC news tonight there was a report that KraMar dried chicken treats are being recalled because of a suspicion that they are poisoning dogs.There is also a report on the AdelaideNow site.
Dogs who are affected may be drinking and urinating a lot, be unusually lethargic or vomiting.

I'm glad now that I'm a worrier. A couple of months ago I stopped feeding these great-looking treats because I like to read the fine print on things and I noticed they are made in China. Nowadays I don't feed anything to Penny unless I know all ingredients were sourced in Australia or New Zealand or unless the packet specifies no ingredients come from China.

I actually have a packet of these KraMar treats in the cupboard. I didn't want to feed them to her, but the treats appeared so healthy that it seemed a pity to throw them out.

Now I will throw them out!


Anonymous said...

My dog coco died 11/10/08 renal failure,all signs showed poisoning from unknown source and she showed every symptom mentioned in your article. My other dog when feed V.I.P.Petfoods Gourmet Chicken?,I notice she has extreme thirst within 10-15min of consuming and has no appetite the next day. Both dogs had been eating this only at the time of coco's death. My dogs have never eaten KraMar Treats but are they by the same company. I hope that the foods will be tested and removed from the shelves of the shops. The University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science are investigating this horrendous crime and I hope they will declare their findings and not be silenced. My vet who saw coco on the 11/10 has all her lab results,these showed a poisoning and he asking me about all different foods which she had not eaten other than her dog food.

parlance said...

I am so sorry to hear of this sad loss you have endured.
I won't be feeding VIP Petfoods Gourmet Chicken till I hear they are safe. I will have a close look at the packet to try to find out where the ingredients come from. Thank you for sharing your sad story.

I must say that all this convinces me more than ever that a raw diet, using human-grade food, is the only safe course.