Tuesday, 9 December 2008

more on the recall of KraMar dog treats

Here is a link to the KraMar media release on the recall.

And here is the text of an email that is circulating. I notice that it seems to be by Miles Kemp, author of the article I linked to in my previous post, but the text seems to be somewhat different. I think it's worth posting here for the extra information it contains.

poisoned meat is causing kidney damage in small dogs

By Miles Kemp

The Advertiser

December 09, 2008

Poisoned meat

Alert ... hundreds of small dogs have been affected by poisoned meat as
experts try to track down its source.

* Hundreds of dogs hit in poison scare
* Experts try to track down source
* Meat from China suspected

UNIVERSITY experts are urgently trying to track down the source of a deadly
poison which has struck hundreds of small dogs, with pet food meat from
China the suspected cause.

The Australian Veterinary Association has issued a national warning to all
vets to report any serious kidney damage in small dogs in the past month.

"We have only become aware of this in the last three or four weeks, and we
need to make people aware there are some clear indications there is a
problem out there," AVA national president Mark Lawrie told The Advertiser

Mr Lawrie said the AVA had discussed the cases with a prominent pet-food
supplier suspected to be the source of the poison, which the AVA would not
name for legal reasons. Vets and small-dog owners have been told to look out
for warning signs:

INCREASED thirst and urination.

Related Coverage,

REDUCED appetite and lethargy.

VOMITING and weakness.

University of Sydney researchers have issued a national alert over the
kidney-destroying poison - but after a legal threat from the company, have
been banned by the university from making any public comment.

The AVA had also warned vets - in a national alert to all members to be
aware of the problem - against making comments to the media about the case.

One university researcher, who would not be named, said there was enough
evidence to recall the product but the safety message had been hampered by
threats from the company.

"We have not been able to call for cases and an open call to vets for cases
has just been made and we are aware of dozens of cases and suspect there are
hundreds," he said. "What is important is that the meat is sourced in China
and I think pet owners can trust the product if all the ingredients are
sourced in Australia."

The researcher said owners should be concerned about any breed but
especially dogs the size of a small terrier.

Studies of dead dogs are also being carried out to identify the cause, with
one brand of meat suspected of causing symptoms.

Vets have been urged to contact the University of Sydney Faculty of
Veterinary Science via email A.Arteaga@usyd.edu.au if they have suspected
cases of the poisoning.


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Scary stuff! I'm to the point where I don't trust any pet product made in China.

Levi's mom

parlance said...

Yes, I agree! The extra problem is that you have to read the teensy tiny print to see that even thought the product might say made in the US, or made in Australia, etc, there might be some ingredient sourced from China.

Noah the Airedale said...

Thanks for the message on our blog Parlance. We had heard of this. I would never buy any food stuffs from China for my dogs. It's absolutely frightening. We give the dales Australian made liver treats and they love them. Your right though we have to read the fine print and sometimes its non existant....sigh. At least I know the fish heads they get come from Australia!

Denise x

parlance said...

Those fish heads! I was so inspired by the post you did one time of the dogs eating the fish heads that I started buying fish for Penny. She'll eat rear ends, but front ends seem to bamboozle her with their scary eyes. Maybe I should give it another go...

David B. said...

Our little puppy 'Gozo' died after ingesting the Kramar brand 'SupaNatural Chicken Breast Strips'- if your dog is presenting any of the symptoms listed, do not muck around, as this can be lethal.

Our story can be found here:


parlance said...

David, I apologise for not responding at the time to this sad post. I went across to your site and saw the lovely photo of Gozo. I was sorry to hear of your sad loss and then forgot to tell you so.