Wednesday, 23 September 2009

chewber the multipurpose toy

The Other End of the Leash (a great source of information about dog behaviour) posted a video on YouTube of her dogs playing with a Chewber.

It looked so interesting I searched for it on Google. Here's the link. I think it has one of the most cheerful advertisements I've ever seen.

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Bunsen G. Morris said...

I love that ad! I gotta get me one of those chewber thingees. That looks like it might rock. I just learned to catch Frisbee and I want to chew it, but Mommy won't let me.

Hey, Penny, I think you're a hottie. Wanna be pen pals?

I'd like to try Flyball. I wish I were an Australian dog. I'd like to bark in Australian accent. Don't know if I can figure it out, though.