Wednesday, 9 September 2009

practising flyball

Seeing Penny seemed okay today, on her first day of antibiotics, we thought it would be okay to go to the park and practise some short flyball runs.

I'd been told that it's fine to keep up her interest in tennis balls, necessary, in fact, if we are to succeed at this new sport; but it's better to throw the ball behind us rather than in front, so she gets used to running away from her human.

Here she is running away from the camera.

I think the idea is not to look where she is running, because in the actual sport you run away from her to encourage her to come over the jumps fast in order to catch up to you. (We've only been to three sessions, so I'm not quite on top of technique yet, as you can imagine.)

Here's a shot of her coming towards the camera. I think human number two is doing a great job of not turning to watch her.

And, as it was getting towards sunset, the flash on the camera went off, so don't be scared by the 'devilish eyes' as she races toward the camera in the last shot.


Anonymous said...

Penny looks happy!

Johann The Dog said...

Hope Penny is feeling (well, getting) better :) Flyball, huh? We've been asked to be in many teams, but Mum couldn't run with me, BOL!!! Always looks super fun, can't wait to hear more.

Devil eyes, and ears :)

parlance said...

Sally, she was happy. It's only when our dogs get well that we realise that they previously haven't been as well as usual.

parlance said...

Johann, I think (HOPE!) the human doesn't have to run so much once the dog is trained.

Hmm...maybe I'm too optimistic.

JD and Max said...

Hi Penny - love this post! And even though we know it's an 'effect' in that last photo it's still REALLY cool, he he he! You're a very sporty doggie aren't you? Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

parlance said...

JD and Max, if I didn't know better, I'd be quite scared of Penny in that photo, lol!

happy said...

Hope Penny gets well soon. We especially love the second picture, she looks so happy!

parlance said...

Happy, she was having fun that afternoon, that's for sure!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Ooh, how exciting, Penny! Flyball is another dog sport my human has always wanted to try with me - ever since she watched the dogs doing it back in the UK at Crufts and stuff...such an exciting sport! And I LOVE tennis completely I have the right attitude for it...hmm, maybe for my retirement...hee! hee!

I don't understand, though - why does the ball have to be thrown behind? If your humans throw it in front of them, you're still running away from them to get it, aren't you??

Oh, and guess what? I finally did the Tunnel all by myself at Agility class last night!! My human was so shocked she nearly had a heart attack! She is so proud of me - she never thought I could do it, see, coz of my size...anyway, I've posted a video of my magic moment, if you'd like to come over to my blog and watch! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

parlance said...

Honey, to be quite honest, I don't understand why I have to throw the ball behind me, lol. I asked again at training, is it supposed to go backwards, and the instructor said yes.

I think it is probably because, when running for the ball, Penny is focused on it, but when she picks it up, she has to "chase" me to get up speed returning over the jumps. I'm running away from her to encourage speed. (Pretty exhausting for an older person like me, I might add!!)

I saw the tunnel post last night. I am AMAZED that Honey could conquer her nervousness to do it!! She is so willing to try things out.

parlance said...

Hsin Yi, , I just thought of another thing, too. If Honey were to ever do flyball, she would be bound to be in a team with smaller dogs, and the whole team goes over jumps at the height of the smallest team-member. It would be like a walk in the park for Honey!!