Saturday, 12 September 2009

great new intelligent game for dogs

While I was visiting Johann's blog, I saw a new game for dogs. It can be used as an intelligence-enhancing activity, or as a way of feeding a meal. It's the Aikiou (pronounced IQ).

On Youtube there's a video clip of a Welsh corgi trying it out it. It's one of the better clips I've seen, because the dog seems to be unfamiliar with it and the clip shows the whole process of learning to use it, I think.


Sue said...

Very interesting clip. I'd love to try some of my pack on a toy like that.

parlance said...

Sue, it sure looks good. Penny gets a lot of interest out of her Tornado, and I think this looks similar. Actually, this makes me think of your post about teaching dogs to eat more slowly, so they don't get bloat. Maybe eating from a puzzle would slow them down.