Sunday, 13 September 2009

studies into canine cognition

Harvard University's Canine Cognition Lab is studying dog behavior and they want volunteers for their 'non-invasive' experiments. If I lived in the local area I'd be hot-footing it into the lab. I reckon it would be fun! There's a short video explaining what they want.

One thing that always strikes me is the necessity for scientists to validate their research by saying it will help us understand human behaviour. Why can't we get away from seeing ourselves as the only species worthy of our interest? The rationale for the study is to discover 'those aspects of the mind that are uniquely human'. You know what? I'm actually interested to know about the cognition of the other species on this planet - the planet that the dogs and the dolphins and the fish and the snakes and the bees aren't polluting out of existence.

And as for the idiotic first comment on the article in the Boston Globe about this study... Well, don't get me started on the cognitive capabilities of the human species!

Apologies for the rant. Sometimes I just have to let off steam.

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parlance said...

Hsin Yi, I need to apologise to you, because somehow I lost your interesting comment, the one about how people see animals as just there for the use of humans. It was a really good comment, too!
(I must have clicked the wrong button.)