Friday, 10 September 2010

day two of post-op cruciate repair

Well, if I hadn't been an avid reader of blogs I wouldn't have been prepared for how stressful this period of recovery from cruciate surgery can be. But I figure if all those other dogs made it through their cruciate repairs, Penny can also.

Today has been dominated by the Great Saga of the Wee. We've carried her in and out about five times, worrying about why she won't urinate. I'd love to have had a camera when human male was crouched on the nature strip in the street holding up an umbrella, protecting Penny from the pouring rain, as he and I stood with water pouring off us, waiting for her to wee. She didn't.

By late afternoon we were really worrying. No urination since yesterday morning. And she was lying on her mat, shivering all over and panting. We scooped her up and hurried out to the street again. (Can't go out to our own garden, because of the steps.) She wriggled free and raced off three-legged tugging us along. Then sat. Then raced along again, three-legged. Then sat.

One of our neighbours drove past and saw us gathered around Penny, holding a sling under her belly to support her. She parked her car and hurried to our rescue, racing home to phone her daughter who is a vet nurse. Message - Penny must wee. We'd better go to animal emergency if it didn't happen soon. Sometimes after an operation the kidneys just freeze up (I think that was what we were told.)

And then Penny did it! She let it all out! General jubiliation.

We realised how much it must have hurt her each time today when we scooped her up and carried her outside, if her bladder was full to bursting but she couldn't urinate.

Now we have the delightful wait to see if she can manage to defecate with such a sore leg.

Poor Penny! But at least now she's curled up comfortably sleeping in her little corner of the room.


Unknown said...

I love her little area you made for her.

OMG im so glad she peed! That had to be so nerve racking! We are crossing our paws for a speedy recovery for her and keep yall in our prayers.

Slavenka said...

Poor Penny! I hope that this basic physiological functions to get on track soon, and will then be easier to recover. Sretno!

Molly the AireGirl said...

Pees and poos are so hard to do on command when it's raining and you have 4 perfectly good legs.
More AireZen is coming your way, sweet girl!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

parlance said...

Thanks, Hound Girl, Slavenka and Maggie and Mitch. Your good wishes and the therapy of writing this blog are keeping me same through all this, lol.

Neva said...

How is she doing now? Our Bouvier just had a TTA on Wednesday. No one could have prepared me emotionally for this! Neva

parlance said...

Neva, it does get better! Six months down the track and Penny is loving life again. Hang in there.

I wanted to come to your site to see how you are going but my computer didn't want me to go there. Is it a blog site?