Saturday, 25 September 2010

Penny's human is in Turkey

While Penny's been resting and recovering from surgery, one of her humans has been gallivanting around Turkey. We understand that she can read this blog but not comment, so this post is specially for her, to show her how well Penny is doing. This morning we set off down the front ramp:

Notice that the ramp is now only two planks wide, instead of the previous three.

And Penny is still steadily losing weight on her restricted diet, as you can see. She is now 15.7 kg, instead of the 16.9 that she was two months ago.

Next we headed down the sideway, to relieve herself (not a stressful business these days, thank Dog). A little pause to sniff at the buried compost from the Bokashi bucket - which I had the forethought to cover with well-stamped-in soil.

And then we headed out into the street to browse the delicious fresh possum poo. (Obviously her humans aren't feeding her enough!)


Oscar the Indefatigable said...

Hehe. We love Penny's recovery hair cut. She looks like a water retriever.

Glad to see she's losing weight and toileting is no longer a problem. Oscar is not hugely into food so he's avoided weight problems so far but Iris (our cat) is a massive whinger. Putting her on a diet is next to impossible.

Timea (+ Oscar and the gang)

parlance said...

Timea, I'm really glad Penny has been shaved, because we've been given physio exercises to do and it's easy to see her (poor wasted) muscle moving as we do them. (They're quite subtle movements.)