Wednesday, 15 September 2010

one week out from the cruciate operation

I dropped in to Cindy's dog training last night, to see how everyone is getting along. I miss it so. It was great to see eveyone (two-legged and four-legged) and I was thrilled to hear that Cindy's dogs go to the same specialist as Penny did. That makes me feel even more confident of a good recovery.

Penny had the Robert Jones bandage on for a week, instead of the recommended three days. Both our own vet and the specialist suggested we do this. In one way I'm glad we did, as it supported her knee, but on the other hand she seems to have had a skin reaction to the elastoplast that held the bandage on. He poor leg is red raw at the top where the top of the bandage was, and at the bottom. No wonder she wouldn't go anywhere.

She's been set up near the front door for the last few days, so she can look out to the street.

Every so often we carry her out to the back yard or to the street, waiting for more urination or defecation (I thought that might sound more professional than saying we spend ages every day waiting around for her to wee or poo, lol).

When we went out yesterday it was cold and damp, so we set her up with a nice plastic underlay, plastic over her bandage - can't get it wet - on her old familiar mat, and we waited for her to do something.

Hmmm... not much action. Except for frantic licking of what we now realise was a horrible rash at the edges of the bandage.

Now that it's off, we realise we have to be even more careful as she moves around. Hmmm... not a big problem yet. She won't even get off her mat for dinner and has to have it delivered in bed.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We're glad to see that you're being waiting on paw and feetsies, Penny!
We continue to send you lots of healing vibes!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

parlance said...

Maggie and Mitch, there seems to be a little problem with the "being waited on paw and feetsies". She wont come to get her dinner! I'm hoping tomorrow she'll be hungry enough to get up. Fingers crossed!

Jo Weir said...

I have just read about poor Penny's operation. My boys and I send her best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I also hope that for your sake she wees and poos frequently and without drama.

You are doing a wonderful job with the post surgery recovery which will pay dividends with the end result - it will be worth it.

parlance said...

Jo, thanks for the good wishes. We have turned the corner! I'm going to post about Penny's miraculous discovery that she does in fact have a left hind leg.