Friday, 17 September 2010

home therapy after cruciate operation

I've just come across a comprehensive manual for home care of dogs after extracapsular cruciate surgery. it looks great and is a free download.

I've printed it out and now I'll got and read it through.


Dotty said...

I have tried to download the free booklet by clicking on your link, but i keep coming up with a link to buy the booklet. How did you find the free version? Thanks,


parlance said...

Dotty, that is so strange! I definitely got it for free, but I can't see it as a free download any more. I notice it is about $20, which I think would be good value, as it is very clear and helpful.

I emailed them to see if it is still available free. Perhaps you could do the same.

I notice he still has his great videos on Yotube. They are very good. If you don't buy the book, you could still learn heaps from the video clips. There is a link at the top of his site saying 'videos'.

Dotty said...

I contacted the site by email and, though I went through the steps, i still can not find the link to download. I'll have to try them again. I found orthodogs from a recommendation by a friend - there certainly is a wealth of information there. I am amazed at how varied the aftercare is - even on the same surgeries. Yes, the videos are very helpful for sure. What ligament/joint supplements are you giving to Penny?

Thank you for your information.
Dotty and Hannah

parlance said...

Dotty, maybe they don't provide it as a download. I thought it was very good and I'll be disappointed if it's no longer available online.