Thursday, 21 February 2008

dog how-to site

I've been wondering how to clip Penny's nails. Now that she is being washed at home instead of going to a groomer I'm beginning to realise that I need to know lots of other things besides the actual washing.

At A Dog Blog there is a short piece about trimming nails but I feel that I need to know more.

I think I'll watch the short video at WonderHowTo. It's a demo by Dr. Candy Olson from Greenbriar Animal Hospital in which she demonstrates some techniques for trimming a dog's nails. WonderHowTo looks like a mine of information - some of the videos are about how to clean a dog's teeth, how to check for fleas, how to clean the ears, how to give an at-home exam.

However, I think before I followed any of the instructions in these clips I would need to ask around my more experienced dog-owner friends to see what they think of the tips and techniques, but it certainly seems like a useful resource. There were 369 clips about dogs when I looked tonight.

I found the link at Bark Blog.


Slavenka said...

My dogs going to a groomer because I'm afraid triming they nails.

This link is very good and from today is in my bookmars :)

parlance said...

I agree, Slavenka. I think we'll be going to a groomer at least once more, and I hope she'll be willing to show me how she cuts the nails. She has shown me in the past but I didn't watch carefully enough.