Saturday, 2 February 2008

fun new problem-solving toy for dogs

I brought home a new toy for Penny today. I noticed it as I was browsing the pet shop that (unfortunately for my finances) is right opposite the place where I work. The toy is called tug-a-jug and is made by busy buddy. On the site there is a movie clip of dogs playing with it.

Penny spent ages playing with it and we made a video that includes just a little of her work on the task.
At first she used a variety of techniques that had worked for other toys and did get all the treats out. However, the walls of the kitchen might be showing a little wear and tear already - I think there might be a few chips in the plaster on the corners. The packaging does warn that it's a heavy toy and needs supervision, especially if the dog throws it around. Penny hasn't progressed to that technique yet, but I think it will come.

Later in the evening I showed her that if she tugged on the rope the treats would spill out.

When Penny first started to gnaw on it I was concerned about her teeth, as the material is very hard.( (It says on the packaging that it is made with non-toxic materials similar to those used in bullet-proof glass.) However, she quickly moved from chewing on it to moving it around with her paws, so I relaxed about that, though I think it is a toy that should be supervised at all times, rather than one for solitary play.

I like the fact that it deals with the five senses, as is advertised also on the packaging: There are holes for the scent to come out - Penny was sniffing these; the treats make a rattling noise - Penny stopped playing with it when she could no longer hear treats in it; the food is visible through the transparent material; she was pawing at it and rolling on it and generally getting stimulation from her sense of touch; and, of course, the treats tasted good!


Amber-Mae said...

Hey, I saw this toy in somedoggy's blog before! It's a strange looking toy becoz it's just a bottle with balls attached to both ends of a rope. What does it do?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Rusty said...

That looks like a cool toy. I think mom is going to chech it using the links you left. I got a cool new toy too, called a snugga wubba. I put it on my blog the other day.

parlance said...

Rusty, I had a look at your snugga wubba and its looks cute. You too, with your new haircut!

parlance said...

Amber, for a dog that loves treats, this toy is entertaining for ages. It's a strong plastic bottle with treats in it. The humans put treats in it by unscrewing the bottom of the bottle and there are holes in the bottom to the smell of the food comes out. If you pull on the rope in the lid, that makes some of the small treats fall out. Also, it you toss it around or push it upside-down, treats fall out. It's also got a good loud noise. Hmmm, maybe your mum will get tired of the noise. No, she won't, because she will love seeing you having fun! I think you could play tug games with it if your mum holds the bottle.

curator said...

Wow. Our dog Cash could use something to keep him good and busy like that! But it sure is nice to see Penny enjoying hers. Thanks for the film!

parlance said...

Curator, I'm learning to use iMovie, so it was fun trying to put together the movie clip. I only have a digital camera, not a video camera, so that's why the quality isn't so good. But I thought it gave an idea of how a dog might approach the toy.