Wednesday, 6 February 2008

dogs eating tripe

Penny gets a varied diet, and one thing we sometimes feed is Ziwi brand canned meat with tripe. I am thinking, after reading The Canine Bark's post about the value of feeding tripe, that I might ask my friendly local butcher about it. It would probably be cheaper and healthier to buy it fresh. However, it's years since I've seen it in our local shop. Maybe he has some out the back.
I just checked back to the article by Dr Bruce from Vet's All Natural that I wrote about on December 8 last year. He says::
Tripe is the common term for the stomach lining of cattle and sheep.
Most tripe sold for HC has been washed in boiling water and bleached. Green tripe is the term used for un-processed tripe and is highly nutritious as a meat source. It is very low in fat (2%), highly glandular (contains enzymes), and is loaded with probiotic micro-organisms. Tripe is also a ‘white” meat (meaning it has a low amount of myoglobin, the protein that makes red meat red), and has historically been used for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts, or food allergies. I have utilised tripe for some time now as an alternate to kangaroo meat for treating difficult cases of allergic dermatitis in dogs (and occasionally cats) with great results.

Tripe is very affordable, but can be difficult to source, and this is one of its main limitations. An excellent source of nutrition and, if available, should be very highly regarded as a fresh meat for pets.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, tripe is the smelliest thing I've ever eaten in mah life! And I absolutely LOVE it! My hooman M used to boil fresh cow & lamb tripe some time ago & she would give it to us for breakfast. They smell like poop & so does the soup! We have a new bag of tripe chewies here & oh my, just one whiff of it, you will all faint! For us doggies, it is yummy yummy yummy!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hilary Rakover - The Canine Bark said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on feeding tripe and for visiting my site!

Please let me know how Penny does with the addition of tripe to her diet.

All my best,

parlance said...

I enjoy all the info at the canine bark, Hilary. I'll ask around about tripe in our local butchers - it seems like it must be very tasty...yukkk.

parlance said...

Amber-Mae, you've convinced me Penny will love it! I thought I was very brave enduring hearts in our kitchen - now I'll have to screw up my courage and bring tripe in here!

Johann The Dog said...

Oh, I may have to try that tripe stuff, sounds yummy!

Woofs, Johann