Wednesday, 20 February 2008

vet recommended home remedies

Recently Penny chased a ball into a blackberry bush and ripped small chunks out of the skin on her belly. We washed the wounds clean and hoped for the best and it seems as if all is well now. However, at the time we wondered what human medicines we could use on her, and made a resolution to keep a canine first-aid kit on had in future.
Therefore, I read with interest a post by Dolittler, one of my favorite bloggers, about six things she, as a vet, recommends dog-owners have on hand.


Hilary said...

A great natural product to have on hand in your first aid kit is Calendula. It is wonderful at speeding healing for open wounds and it is anti-bacterial as well as soothing.

Good luck and happy healing!

parlance said...

Hilary, thanks for that. It's most interesting. I'll look around for some. I guess I'd get it from a health-food shop? Or do you know where I could get more info on the Internet?