Saturday, 8 September 2007

herbicides and dogs

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We were walking along a path in the evening sunlight today in Darebin Parklands. Penny had been for a swim in the surprisingly clear waters of the creek and looked like a drowned rat - but a clean one.

Then we passed one of the many patches of dead grass scattered around the park lately. I had actually seen the rangers spraying about ten days ago. They had put up a sign on that day warning that they were spraying weeds but since then there have been no signs. I was just wondering how long herbicides last on the vegetation and suddenly Penny sat herself down in the middle of a dead patch.

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So I decided to take no chances and gave her a bath when we got home. I really must think about that hydrobath that I emailed Melbourne Dog Centre about. They did get back to me and the one I'd like would be about $1100. It seems a lot but when I'm kneeling on the bathroom floor getting a sore back and a soaking-wet front it seems a good idea. And I think of the water that is going down the drain...

I checked the website of Darebin City Council, one of the two councils involved in the management of Darebin Parklands and they have a policy of the least possible use of herbicides.

There's an interesting discussion of the effect of herbicide spraying on dog health at a Canadian site called Animal Health Care.


jabari said...

i like the new format for you blog. the bath seems rather expensive as there was one large enough for Penny but not heated for $750 unless they have risen steeply in price. perhaps it is worth looking at some.

parlance said...

I found the price list a bit hard to understand, actually. I think I might have to use some old technology and actually ring the guy to check out which one it is you mean.