Saturday, 22 September 2007

when to take the dog to the vet

If your dog is limping, when should you take her to the vet?

The decision about making a vet appointment comes up in our household each time we think Penny is not well.

When she eats grass we wonder if it’s just part of a natural dog lifestyle.
When she throws up on the kitchen floor we ask ourselves whether it’s her way of keeping her digestion in order.
When she limps across the lounge room to her favourite mat we hope her canine resilience will assert itself and she’ll be fine the next morning.

Sometimes, however, we just have to make the call that something is definitely wrong.

Yesterday, after a more-than-usually energetic outing to Ruffey Lake Park, Penny developed a limp. At first we had trouble deciding which leg was the problem, but an examination of her paws had her wincing when we touched her right front foot.

Today, she seemed fine - until the time when the local vet clinic closed for the weekend. Then she seemed to be in pain once more. So, we went off to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.
It's years since I was there and I was pleasantly surprised to see how inviting and modern it is now.

The vet who examined Penny found a problem with her right front paw so we’ll have to rest completely for a few days and see how it goes.

In my search for information about whether we should head off to the vet, I came across lots of forums where dog owners had posted questions to online groups. I can't really see the point of this because there can be such a time lag in getting an answer.

However, I thought this article at PetEducation had a useful general discussion of limping. also has an overview of limping and what to check before deciding to go to the vet.

Dr Roni Hines has an extensive discussion of all the reasons why a dog, cat or even a ferret might be limping.


jabari said...

There are some really interesting articles you have given here. But if I read them all, I will become a hypochondriac and limp all the time. Muvver says she will never give me Aspirin. she thinks it is dangerous for dogs too.
love bites,

parlance said...

Jabari, what does your mother think of Panadol for dogs? A friend told me the other day that she gives her cat Panadol (paracetamol) when it is in pain and that she gave it to her dog also. I thought it sounded like a bad idea.

jabari said...

I too think it is abad idea to give human pain killers to animals. (probably not good for humans either)

Lacy said...

woofies again penny!! some peeeples give benidryl..its not a pain pill, but kinda makes us drowsy sooo we can rest.u thinkies that might help u??

b safe,