Thursday, 27 September 2007

guide dogs

When I see blind people walking with their guide dogs I often wonder what such a life is like for the animals.

Recently I was on a busy city railway station and noticed four people and two dogs. Two men seemed to be learning how to move around with the help of young guide dogs. Each dog and man had a woman with them, giving instructions about how to navigate a steep set of stairs. I thought what a wonderful thing it must have been for the vision-impaired people to be starting a new life with the puppies.

But I wondered how it will be for the dogs.

However, I must say that the puppies' tails were wagging like windmills, so they were certainly enjoying the experience that day.

A few days later I came across a moving piece of writing where George Salpietro gives an insight into the relationship between a guide dog and its human. I found this article by follwoing a link from Dr P's Dog Training


jabari said...

I don't know why my Mum was crying when she read the story of George and Karl. Probably because Karl was a GSD and so well trained. My Mum said I would probably pull my owner under a bus! But I know I would not. I hope Penny enjoys "My Dog can do That". I did not like it much 'cos I was not allowed to chew the cards.

parlance said...

Jabari, tell your mum I cried too when I read it.

And I'm sure that if you pulled her under a bus it would totally be an accident and you would (1) be very sorry and (2) pull her back out in the nick of time.

Penny has already played "My Dog Can Do That" and she didn't even try to eat the cards.