Friday, 7 September 2007

Dogs swimming

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Had a great walk in Ruffey Lake Park today. Met Jabari, Liz's GSD and also Pam with her GSD Kara. I reckon those two dogs must be related somewhere along the line, because they look so similar. All the dogs had a great time leaping into the lake - Jabari and Penny swam out but Kara doesn't seem confident to go beyond her depth yet. She likes to keep her feet on the bottom.

Penny loves to leap into any body of water. I think she would be a natural at the sport of Dock Dogs but I haven't seen this sport in Australia yet. At the moment I'm trying to make sure she walks into the water at a sloping spot because I'm not sure her left elbow is okay and I don't want her scrambling out a a steep spot. I've noticed that she tends to come out of the water at the same spot she entered it.

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We were followed briefly by a young black lab who ignored his owner's recall. Eventually we turned around and walked directly away from her, which gave him the choice of going with us or returning to his owner. He set off after her - presumably he caught up to her.


Binji said...

I've seen that water sport advertised somewhere or other. Think it was in an Aussie dog magazine.

parlance said...

Yeah, that's where I saw it. In 'Dogs Life'. It was this year some time. I think it was when the weather was still warm, because I thought I'd try it out if it started here. And then winter last!

parlance said...

Binji, I had a look back through my old copies of the magazine. It was issue 83.