Sunday, 16 September 2007

canine personality

Liz has sent me a link to All About Dogs, where you can assess your dog's personality. I thought I'd share it for those who, having found that their dogs have the IQ of a genius, now want to tap into their best learning styles.

It's based on the work of Jack and Wendy Volhard. Their Motivational Method is based on an understanding that a dog's behaviours are motivated by prey-drive, pack-drive or defense-drive. You'll get a different reaction from your dog in training depending on which drive she is in.

Thanks, Liz. It's a big site with lots of pages, and very interesting.


Danni said...

I had a look at the Volhard's ideas. It's hard to imagine training without food.

parlance said...

Yes, I find that a difficult concept, also. Though I've trained alongside dogs that just aren't interested in food, and they do well.