Sunday, 7 October 2007

A dog's genetic heritage

We've always thought that Penny was a princess in disguise. She was sold to us as a shih tzu cross maltese but no-one we ever met had a dog who looked like her.I've spent many fun hours surfing dog sites to decide what she might actually be - part Tibetan terrier? Lhasa Apso? Silky terrier? The possibilities are endless.

And tonight I've found an article on msnbc about a new test for canine genetic origins. I could send off a swab from her cheek or have a vet take a blood sample and get a DNA result that would identify her breeding - if she's one of the 134 breeds whose DNA has been registered.

I won't do it, because she's beautiful to us whatever her heritage. But it's fun to dream...

I found the news item by following a link from a page on the care2 site. I think the page belonged to amber e.

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