Monday, 15 October 2007

rescuing dogs

When I was in the park today Penny was at home. Just for once I couldn't take her with me because I was weeding along the Ivanhoe side of the creek. Dogs aren't allowed on that side off-lead. Also, I wouldn't have liked her to be exploring around there because of the danger of snakes - it was a warm day.

However, I had the pleasure of seeing another dog walker come strolling along the Alphington side of the creek with her beautiful dalmatians.

She often walks with extra dogs because she takes part in 'dalmatian rescue'. I had a look at their site and there are some delightful dogs waiting for a home at the moment.

Thinking of animal rescue reminded me that one of my sister's favorite romance authors, Laura Kinsale, is interested in this issue. I followed links from her site to the announcement that the US has passed a Bill intended to ensure that in disasters (like Hurricane Katrina) people will not have to leave their pets behind.

That got me wondering what would happen in the case of an evacuation here, with bushfire an ever-present danger. I found that the country Fire Authority site's bushfire information booklet has an informative page on how to prepare for the safety of your pets.

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